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The tertiary education sector is undergoing rapid change worldwide. New technologies in teaching, including innovative virtual reality applications, increasing demand for personalized learning, and significant cost pressures on traditional universities, are ushering in a deconstruction of the millennia-old organization of teaching. An entire industry is changing before our eyes.

Knowledge transfer is changing.

Since Al-Qarawiyyin in Fez (Morocco) developed as a place of learning in 859 and, according to UNESCO and the Guinness Book of Records, became the first university in the world to award academic degrees, the structure of university knowledge transfer has not changed: a teacher selects academic information and conveys it personally to a traveling crowd of students.

In doing so, he can only respond to the learning needs of individual listeners to a limited extent, follows his own chosen teaching pace, and decides on “good” and “bad” learning successes.

We want to change this nearly 1,163-year-old pattern of university teaching.

And there is already a tremendous change in the industry, the new world is just arriving and it happens online. The digital native generation – accustomed to social media and online-gaming – is coming to university. This generation Z is living a great amount of their time in the digital world. Especially the last two years showed, that the 2D learning offerings and current systems are not ready to cater to their needs as well as for the fundamental change that is happening in the industry.

NFT-Survey 2022:
„Metaverse is projected to be an $800B market in the next 2 years”


The VR higher
education market.

Factors driving growth in the VR education market

  • Hardware innovations in VR/AR technology
  • Wide acceptance of VR/AR in training
  • Increased engagement in learning
  • Demand for personalized learning experiences
  • Use of connected devices in VR education

The development of the market volume
of virtual reality technologies

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